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This weeks focus will be the Gigs economy since we are gigs at home we focus on making money at home if you want you can read our User testing options we have researched for you here

Work Market is a freelance independent contractor website your not an employee this is a great part-time side hustle

in our last post we had some gigs you can do online selling your own services and today we will talk about Crowd Surfing online with micro gigs.



If you are going to work with  Work Market you need to have some skills check our video for the full details if you want to learn more about how to become a great freelancer see our special this Saturday@  Live on Youtube 10am on our Youtube Channel or see our Gigs TV Page.

Get started with Work Market

How to get started with Work Market?

Just apply on their site but ensure you have what they are looking for watch the video to see what they are looking for…

Types of gigs offered 

Data entry googling things, Image taggers it truly depend on the work they train and give you resources you need to be successful.

Transcription work is hard to find so using this option is great preferred skills for  transcribers are typing grammar and text to speech software proofreading editing are some areas and also html coding at times.

Writing gigs may be offered see our Mturk article for other Writing Translations gigs you can do speech to text blogs using your google docs app and it’s free.

Pay can be per task it can vary if your a great typist you can get started as a beginner Transcriptionist it may take longer to complete gigs on this section at first.


Resources you can use :

  1. Google docs free
  2. Transcription free software
  3. Headphones or earbuds to hear the person speaking
  4. Grammarly keep your grammar in check!


Click here to Join Work Market 

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