Tulsa Paying Remote Workers $10,000 to Relocate



Leave your busy city life and move to Tulsa Oklahoma Amazon has New York why not have your own place to live in a new city with some seed money from Tulsa?


Work at co work space get paid $10,000 restrictions apply

In Tulsa Remote  work as a remote worker and get paid to move at the same time it’s a win win!

Oklahoma’s second largest city is offering to pay remote workers to relocate there within the next six months. The only requirements are that you must be 18 years old, eligible to work in the United States and, you know, want to live in Tulsa.

Here is what to expect and what is required to live in Oklahoma

  • 10K and also a monthly stipend of extra money for expenses you will not get it all up front you will get the remainder amount as you have finished a year residing in Tulsa.
  • Space at 36 Degrees North  CO- Workspace location to work remotely.

it will copycat Vermont because they offered the same option of $10,000 to move to their city tapping into the tech boom of tech savvy workers  who do not drive to work but do their gig at home.

Its possible they are trying to attract silicon valley startups and remote workers and also at the same time update the statistics of college graduates in the area.

If your looking to land a gig before you move in this city here is a link to Tulsa Remote 

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