Transcription Side Gig

Ever wondered how much you can make at home as a Transcription Agent well read this post to learn more about this virtual gig at home.

Keep in mind you will be working at home not just sitting around  so be aware any gig at home requires work unless you start a business at home for the business Idea of the  week join our webinar to learn more.


What are the minimum qualifications? 

As a work at home Transcription agents  it is a hard job not easy in our opinion typing should be 50 WPM or more and expect to spend hours typing and listening to audio and captions do this for You tube videos and also movies podcasts .

  • Great spelling and grammar skills

  • Ability to meet deadlines as required

  • Understanding of the English language

  • The freedom to work anywhere

  • No schedule in many cases time limit is provided some companies have a weekly or daily tasks deadline

  • No micro management

  • Easy  process

Average Pay per word

  • Equipment required

  • Modern updated PC

  • Working Keyboard Mouse

  • Headset may be required

  • 2GB -10GB | Ram (remove all unwanted programs to free up space on your PC)

Companies that are hiring all the time 

  • Appen Butler Hill


Want to apply to Legit company’s watch on You Tube or see our Friday Freebie postings of Side Hustle Ideas and also our free Non Phone Job List offered on our Private Page we will add a new Volume to our Library the Work at Home Gig Bible offers the best top gigs also see our Direct Hire Class of the month for an Arise Partner to learn more about this contract gig Join the VIP  Virtual Town Hall Meeting each week at 9PM EST

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