Side Hustles “Slice the Pie Review ” How to make $10 per hour at Home

How does it work ?

You will review topics and get paid per action some report that they are paid 0.11 per action depending what you choose to review There is a rating widget and you fill in the form move your mouse and your all set.  Some reviews will require some writing. I think this is a great way to make money in your spare time so far no one is complaining for as I have researched and I also tried using it as well there is a 0.11 per review or even 0.05 per review i know its not a lot.


Register for an account with basic information name,email, phone number and active email and it takes seconds to get started once you have confirmed your email address if your looking for other opportunities watch our next video about People per hour versus Fiverr.


How many hours do i need to work and is there a schedule ? 

No required hours set a schedule I usually do for 3-4 hours per day and also Mturk if you would like to see the full tutorial watch  for our next post if you would like to see it in action just stay here and watch the short video.

Unlike Mturk they offer a upgrade once you have done enough tasks we also will show you how to use Mturk to get the best hits and to understand the time process with slice the pie it is a set amount of time and a consistent rate per action you can choose to review different categories.

Click here to get started !



What type of reviews will i need to do ? 

Commercials, fashion, music and a third category, i just cant bring my  mind to remember. It’s easy just make each review unique commitment of a schedule of 5 Hours per day could mean $50 per day or more if your looking to make some passive income you should try it $11  per hour does not sound bad to me at all.



What do I need to get started ? 

Internet connection spare time each task is about 2 minutes per item and no you cannot write the reviews and copy and paste i tried it an it did not work !

if your looking for a writing gig or full time gigs please read our next post on Writing gigs at home and stay tuned for our Top Revenue sharing websites for blogging.

One last thing it really depends on when you log into the platform i did a lot of commercials an when i checked back music hits were available i will keep you updated

Payment proof of each work at home gig will be added and in depth reviews based on what people are  saying about slice the pie

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