Become a at Home Psychic Entertainment Reader

Yes there are gigs at home as a psychic reader at home there are a few ways and in this post I will give you some sites that let you read tarot cards at home.A long time ago I worked at a Call center as a psychic specialist at home and in person making $13 per hour!


Some jobs pay more than others but if your not afraid of hard work then let’s talk about how you can train to at home and start your own business

Our Amazon training shows you step by step and we have a advertising blueprint example for you to get started with Learn what its all about in the video on 4/06/2018


You can also start your own website and offer readings using Stripe to offer readings online by Google Hangouts and a simple site and your on your way to learn more

see ecommerce empirez our site dedicated to passive income online store building tips marketing and advertising articles and trainings are FREE

There are other ways to make money and you know i have you covered just watch the video to learn more

Here are the basic requirements

  • Must Be 18 years of age
  • Must Be Open minded sales oriented friendly and like to help people
  • Must be in The Us or Canada
  • Work Independent you set your hours 10 hours per week on average
  • Must be experienced if you lack training see our free  training on our site on how to learn Tarot card reading on your own
  • Be experienced and accurate using at least one of the following metaphysical abilities: Clairvoyance, Clair audience, Clair sentient, Empathy, Medium, Remote Viewing, or Channeling (doing occasional readings for friends is not considered experience).

How much do you get paid to be an at Home Psychic Reader ?

When i worked at Home I was paid her minute you can be paid by direct deposit or mailed check. Pay depends on performance  do you take your readings seriously or are you making up things to get them to stay on the phone longer. California Psychics is hiring for at home readers and if your good at what you do some report to make up to $500 per week in pay which is a good income at home! The more you work the more your pay will be a friend of mind told be if your attendance is  good and you provide a quality experience your pay will increase over time.


Check Upwork for this Job here 

Watch our Full video on How to Become a Telephone Tarot Card Reader  to learn more about this opportunity and a few sites hiring right Now!

I have a bonus link of another website hiring at home tarot card specialist’s you can start a blog or website and offer your knowledge in training

Closed captions are enabled so if your at work at your full time job read the text and click links in video description

What are the hours of operation will I have to work a lot ?

What is the application and hiring process ?



Testimonials of the site are also seen online using search do your research everyone’s expierence is different  we do not guarantee you will be hired you must meet employers qualifications

make sure your okay with slow pay at first great side hustle to work into overtime not Full time income..

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