How to Start a Home Based Errand Business ( Food Delivery Service )

Take a look at the new apps out there like Postmates & Instacart and Grub hub

Instead of their market why not find a gap you can take over in ?

Start Your Home Based Delivery

How do they work well it’s Easier said than done… So let me try to make this fast

When you start a business local you need awareness and you need stores  or diners to utilize for your prospective customers this means offering a value proposition that offers a area or a diner or store the big companies are not so in the following  videos you will find a introduction to the guide ,that offers free step by step methods of making your own business at home with  a start up fee of just $99 including advertisements you can create a free standing business of your own.

  • Buy a domain with your keyword in it make it easy to understand
  • Buy a theme that is unique use Themeforest themes they are cheap and a great for branding giving you that professional look
    • I would purchase a polo the same color to promote your business or request a basic t shirt locally and brand yourself day one so far you make have spent $250 which is a steal for a small based business.
    • Business model is import most have a 20% mark up per item fee keep in mind this is on top of the delivery fee and taxes that are required even for a small based business you can figure this out within a day thinking about a business model or take our full course on how to start a home based delivery business from A-Z step by step course
    • Next we need to figure out our tax requirements for the state we are in most cases you can make a certain amount and have to pay a sales tax quarterly to your local state if you need help call your local tax office its free to ask questions.
    • Refund policy delivery policy privacy and also terms of use policy will  need to be outlined on your site and also for your temp customer service team keep in mind once you advertise using our training you will be able to see people in your area who like your competitors have to find the value in your service this means find what they don’t do and do it better and also be unique make it personal for that audience. Make sure to research if your area is not key then maybe try to find a freelancer who will work with you to start a new service in that area.


Food delivery



Major areas to consider and why you need these systems in place


  • You will need a website and a way to contact your customers via your own phone line make sure to sign up with 1800 call forwarding to get a toll free number forwarded to your landline or google phone number.

You do not need to deliver food it can also be  medical transport company it can be an errand service for people to shop for other people make reservations pick up tickets after school pick ups and dropoffs the sky’s the limit find a gap in the market and go to town!

  •  You will need to be a jack of all trades or use friends and family to fill positions in one zip code this means you will start in one area and figure out how long a trip takes to deliver and pay your drivers at the same time for this you need a good amount of customers some people specialize in errands like grocery shopping


  • What  you need to do is figure out a way to service the customers in cash not credit card or using Paypal this will be the difference hot food and extra condiments to upsell cheaper than your competitors.I want you to use this post and start areal business after you do this then create a brand logo in step one you created a website and adding on more than just a service you have a brand and a easy to use website now all you need is a business model.

bruce mars

I cannot guarantee the success of any business the video is just a guide to get you started planning and positioning your company is something no one can teach in a course or a class  results vary.

I can say that if you are serious about starting any business do your research and test the market watch our Webinar to see the data behind the food delivery industry and how to use Instagram Facebook Quora to build a following using social media and slack apps to service your customers.


The reason why some businesses fail is no data to back them up this means they copy cat with no thought of the market they will serve and this leads to lost time and also money


I am offering this home based business training as a free training in creating income like bitcoin it is possible to think of an idea and use it as a way to make revenues I have made money with google youtube and also on my own websites so i wanted to give back on gigs at home the site is  100% free and our goal is to provide trainings and forums for those who want to start their journey with making money at home and also starting a business online tips provided by ecommerce empirez our sister site.

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