Get Paid to Deliver Groceries

Shop for  Shipt deliver with Instacart  Postmates you can deliver grocery’s and shop  only  depending on the company you decide to work with. I have left a honest word of caution for this job please read below.



I personally worked for Instacart  in the past keep in mind on average with out tips you can  make as low as $4 per hour ! The job is good for side money speaking of side cash see our Lyft and Uber eats post and video keep in mind those that do not rent a car will have more $$$ daily.


Maybe this is not good for those that cannot deliver more than three deliveries you will need to supply your own gas with tips you can make up to $14 per hour. It really depend on your route and time you can work.Since the company has changed their hourly you can watch videos on You tube to see if it is a good fit.


A word of caution….

The busy times are going to better for any shopper but if you do both shop and drive expect  one shop to be at least an hour and a half you need to learn the store and make sure to be efficient the customers have no problem with saying you delivered an order with hot food.






Shop at Local stores in your area with Shipt 

Good Luck on your job search 

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